Blockhead droids

The Blockheads series began in the early 80's with a lost sketchbook, returned by a stranger. This creative trauma brought focus to drawings in the sketchbook of geometric characters the stranger called “aztecs”. Creating these paintings has been a process of mining visual ideas as experiments with facets and color, that create the illusion of personality. One of the pieces has been called a self portrait, yet it reduces to parallelograms of warm/cool, light-side/dark-side, pushing space forward and back, that create implied solidity and depth. The experimentation process of swapping colors until space appears outside of prediction or expectations leads to a fleeting satisfaction with the result. And that dimension and mix of shapes then implying personality is the chased dragon of the Blockheads. Visual art is about exploring ones self-imposed self-invented visual language challenges, with that exploration resulting in that inner expression being realized externally as art These pieces are the result of a long process.